Sunday, September 25, 2011


watercolor on yuppo paper
"Coconuts" was created on yuppo paper, it is more like plastic than paper, an acrylic sheeting with transparent watercolor.  The background sand or water was lightly brushed on, watercolor paint out of the tube was then mixed with water and squirted on with a nozzle bottle for the trunk.  The palm fronds were painted on with a paint brush and lifted off with the brush.  You can wipe it back to white paper unless you are using a staining pigment. The paint slides on and off the yuppo paper like a child on a slide.
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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"Peaks and Valleys" watercolor by Texas artist Linda Bein

"Peaks and Valleys"
transparent watercolor
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This painting was done as a class demonstration last spring, I finally photographed it and uploaded it.  The lesson was to paint a landscape using complimentary colors blue and orange.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"Fall Color" watercolor by Texas artist Linda Bein

"Fall Colors"
Transparent Watercolor
  I love to splash paint on the paper and spray it with water and let it run.  It is also fun to lay another paper on top of that and make a print as I did here.  But then you have to make both paintings come together.  Since I love trees, hills, foliage, and the outdoors these type of paintings become abstract landscapes.  The other painting is still a work in progress!   If you are interested in this painting or others contact Linda at

Friday, September 16, 2011

"Silver-tipped Floral" mixed media by Texas Artist Linda Bein

"Silver-Tipped Floral"
Mixed Media
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This painting was started years ago and re-created one day.  It is a mixed media painting but is more like an experimental painting.  It started as a watercolor, then I covered it with gesso and sprayed it with water.  I also put some acrylic paint on it and sprayed again.  I began to see flowers emerge.  Then I began to paint with watercolor again and also some pearl paint.  I used acrylic paint in a squeeze bottle for the flowers. 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

"Running Free" watercolor by Texas Artist Linda Bein

"Running Free"
transparent watercolor
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These horses are running free, I'd like to join them and forget all the responsibilities in life.
I have not blogged in weeks. I have been painting all summer but with teaching art classes and  summer camps everyday, moving kids to and from college, to out of state summer jobs, moving kids to their own houses, setting up and  teaching fall classes, plus the horses, cats, dogs, yard work, house work, this list is endless, I flake out before I take the photos to blog.  Of course then you have to crop and upload.  It seems there is always one more thing to do.  Oh, rearrange and paint after the kids move out.  The list just goes on. I know that we are all too busy these days and need to take time for the important things in life. I did this summer, but now that the kids are off,  I am turning over a new leaf, making time for photos and blogging.  Of course my kids are laughing because I am always turning over a new leaf, it usually relates to losing weight or working out; I just finished a bowl of ice cream.  Hopefully I will do better at blogging than dieting. At least I have made the time to paint, that's the passion. Take time to enjoy your loved ones.