Tuesday, November 29, 2011

"Silent Night" watercolor by Texas artist Linda Bein

"Silent Night"
transparent watercolor

There is something peaceful and restful in the new fallen snow.  It is so quiet, a good time to reflect on all those blessings that you are thankful for. It seemed an appropriate time of the year for  "Silent Night"; it was done as a monochromatic demo.  Next time I may put in an evergreen tree (of course it will be blue) and one big bright star in the sky.  I have also thought of  putting footprints in the foreground, disappearing as they go off into the night.  It is a good lesson in glazing layer upon layer of color.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

"Frosty Reflections" watermedia painting by Texas artist Linda Bein

"Frosty Reflections"
water media
"Frosty Reflections" was done as a demo in an adult art class.  I have a similar larger painting hanging in my studio that they wanted to paint.  We work on fundamentals each week and once a month choose a piece that is more abstract. We go with the flow, each one is always different, that's what makes it interesting.
Contact Linda at lindaabein@gmail.com

Thursday, November 3, 2011

"Turning of the Leaves" by Texas artist Linda Bein

"Turning of the Leaves"
transparent watercolor on 140# arches cold press paper
To purchase contact Linda at lindaabein@gmail.com.

It is cool and crisp today, love the fall weather.  It is a great time to paint changing colors of the leaves.  This painting was done as a class demo.  We started with and under-painting, did negative painting, and then painted on the leaves.  And we ended with dry brushing and splattering.